Affordable IT management services and support for businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding areas

If your business is in need of IT management services, network management, network installation, maintenance services, integration services, network and server support, server management service, application integration, on-site & remote support, or IT support consulting, we’re there for you.

Outsourcing IT Services Benefits

  • Free up existing IT staff to focus on core business
  • Provide depth and breadth of IT expertise
  • Decrease system outages and reduce downtime
  • Improve overall IT system and staff efficiency
  • Reduce IT capital turning them to operating expenses
  • Access to advanced IT toolsets
  • Reducing IT staff expenses

Why Choose Anova IT Managed Services

  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Customizable Support and Services Plans
  • Onsite Support
  • Certified Engineers
  • Large Inventory of Hardware Housed Locally
  • Industry Leading  Trust and Accountability
  • Not just a Break/Fix Company

Great service year after year. Easy to work with and most honorable.

– Matthew B. 

Areas that our Managed IT Services cover

Project Based Services

Ongoing IT Support

Consulting Services


Being proactive and not reactive is not only cost-effective but ensures your client’s trust with your organization. Our model ensures that your environment will always be stable. We want to eliminate the break/fix way of things and make sure that issues are dealt with before they arise.

  • Create a precise IT plan through focusing time strategically preparing for expansion and spending time repairing
  • See if cloud applications should be utilized or stay within the current infrastructure
  • Make sure that there is a complete disaster recovery plan in place and not just backing up
  • Implement maintenance plans that ensure you have replacements available 24/7
  • See if you have a mobile workforce or if there is a need in the future. Can your infrastructure be optimized or is it expandable to handle it
  • Help if you are in a legacy lock and unable to keep up with current IT technology