Lower Capital Expenditures with Leasing & Rentals

Leasing and rental solutions give companies the ability to fulfill IT equipment needs while lowering capital expenditures. We can provide organizations with multiple OEM hardware options for any length of time.

Leasing and rental solutions of MULTIPLE OEM OPTIONS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME

With our large quantity of inventory, we support a wide range of IT equipment from top manufacturers, like HPE, DELL, Cisco and more. We provide servers, storage and networking equipment which will lower your capital expenditures.  Our highly trained services team can provide the perfect rental or leasing solution to meet your specific needs. We accomplish this by utilizing multi-vendor options that reduces your cost of ownership and minimizes capital outlay.


Ideal for companies that experience seasonal peaks, software tests, or other short-term projects that last 1 week to 12 months.


Perfect alternative to reduce depreciation of your assets. We offer fixed monthly payments with purchase options, flexible financing and back-end protection as well as provide.


  • Multi-vendor bundled solutions to fit your projects
  • Multiple OEM leasing and rental options for any length of time
  • Short-term upgrades without the long-term investment
  • Reduces your cost of ownership and minimizes capital outlay
Multi-vendor bundled solutions to fit your projects.

Short-term upgrades without the long term investments.

Lower budgets while increasing tax savings.

Seasonal Peaks

Every company has a peak season and usually that means the data center is running at full capacity, putting strain on the equipment. Rental and leasing programs are great solutions to offload data and maintain a “business as usual” approach for their customers.

Data Center Moves

Data center moves usually mean a temporary disruption to a company. This doesn’t have to be the case with rental and leasing options. Maintain uptime and reduce disruptions by using rented or leased IT equipment while executing the move.

Proof of Concept

Investing in new hardware can be costly and sometimes it does not perform as expected. With a well thought out rental or leasing solution, a proof of concept can be created in a controlled environment to see that it meets the standards required.

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