IT Maintenance Services and Plans

Don’t let faulty or failing equipment ruin your business’s ability to run properly. From Spares on Demand, 24/7/365 support to on-site resources and Asset Disposal, we can keep you running.

We understand the importance of maintenance coverage on your IT equipment.

Your IT equipment is the staple of your business. It warehouses every bit of critical data that your company relies on to function. We understand and that’s why we take a different approach to helping you maintain and optimize your IT assets. With our consultative process, we are with you at every stage of your maintenance needs. We will quickly and carefully assess and repair/replace the equipment you need to keep your business running.


  • 24/7/365 Spares on Demand for faster resolution with
  • On-site replacements for quick install
  • With a large inventory, we support a wide range of equipment from major OEMs
  • Service level agreement options for on demand support and on-site resources
Spare on Demand for faster resolution with on-site replacements for quick install.

Service Level Agreement options for Spare on Demand, Support and On-site Resources.


Keep downtime to a minimum

Our Spare on Demand Program ensures your IT equipment is quickly replaced with identical equipment provided on-site for quick install and minimizing downtime.

Extended Reach

With a large warehouse of inventory, we will support a wide range of IT equipment from any major OEM, including servers, storage, networking and spares.

Green Disposal

We offer environmentally friendly, EPA-compliant Asset Disposal of all your equipment, wiping and protecting your valuable data too, keeping you completely secure.

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