Data Center Consolidation Services

Data center consolidation is ideal for IT organizations that are planning to merge multiple data centers into one or are seeking to reduce the size of a single data center.


Increase speed and flexibility, decrease spend.

Many data centers are over-provisioned for anticipated peaks or business growth and have under-utilized servers that operate at a minimal capacity and consume more resources. The answer to this problem is server consolidation. By sharing services amongst fewer servers, data centers can locate excess hardware and dispose or resell this equipment. With the equipment minimized, companies will cut operating costs; reduce power consumption, space and cooling needs; and maximize resource availability and asset utilization.

With fewer assets to manage, the task of Security becomes far easier and less costly. Consolidated architecture relies on fewer connections between facilities.

Deploy advanced protocols and management strategies that maximize bandwidth utilization and performance of the network, but without straining its applications.

Allows IT staff to isolate and resolve problems faster and at less of an expense, freeing these resources to address high priority, business-critical tasks.

Benefits experienced after consolidation

Better use of Staff0%
Reduced Energery Consuption0%
Increase in efficient platforms0%
Improved IT security0%
Quantifiable Cost savings0%


One way to consolidate a data center is to utilize Virtualization.  Virtualization is a proven technology that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. Transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people utilize technology.


Asset Remarketing

When consolidating your data center, you will have some decommissioned hardware. Let us show you how your decommission hardware can actually make you money. With our Asset Remarketing solutions, we provide value-added options for your nonessential, unused, or outdated equipment. We will assess your hardware and provide you with the best available options.


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