Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

A solid disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is crucial to protecting your organization’s future in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency that causes extended downtime.

Outages are not only caused by weather.

Hardware, software and network failures cause a higher percentage of outages than weather events. Ultimately, an outage of some sort will happen to a business, so it’s best to be prepared. That’s where we can help. Our specialized team will come and assess your IT infrastructure and generate a strategy for any type of outage. Our solutions are flexible enough to work with complex systems, and the ability to scale up and down addressing a full range of recovery time and recovery points. The recovery environment has to be in sync with your ever changing production and our specialized team will optimize the strategy for quick recovery on failover.

The ability to design a strategy for any type of IT environment, software or configuration.

All our customized Disaster Recovery solutions are Guaranteed with our SLA

State of the art co-location facilities, Spare On Demand for quick recovery and Cloud Solutions are available.

What DR Services does your company use? (Survey)

Own their own recovery site0%
Rent space at a commercial facility0%
Combine Physical and Cloud0%
Use Cloud DR Service0%
Other Solutions0%

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Keep downtime to a minimum.

Our spare on demand program ensures your IT equipment is quickly replaced with identical equipment provided on-site for quick installation and minimizing downtime.

Testing for Readiness

Testing your disaster recovery solution with production equipment may cause disruption. This doesn’t have to be the case with rental and leasing options. Maintain uptime and reduce disruptions by using rented or leased IT equipment while executing testing procedures.

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