Asset Disposition and Remarketing Services

Why let your retired or unused IT equipment clutter your data center when it should be helping you reduce cost on new equipment or putting money back into your budget.

Asset Dispositions and Remarketing Programs

Unused or outdated equipment does have value.

We can help show you different ways your old decommissioned hardware is capable of making you some extra money. Our Asset Disposition and Remarketing solutions provides value-added options that would apply to most or all of your nonessential, outdated or unused equipment. With our Buyback, Trade-In or Consignment options, we will securely help you with remarketing your equipment or disposing it in environmentally safe ways with documented and certified Data Sanitization/Destruction Services to ensure your data is securely wiped.

Asset valuation can determine the best option for remarketing your decommissioned assets. Placing money back into your budget.

Certified engineers will audit, inspect and provide detailed documentation of the equipment. Providing complete transparency.

Secure Logistics to protect you with equipment documentation and tracking to insurance needs. We'll handle the load.

Asset Valuation

The value of the IT hardware is determined by several factors, including the condition, age and type of equipment in question. We will do a full evaluation of the equipment, research the market value and provide you a complete report. This provides you with a detailed breakdown of what each piece of equipment is worth and allows you to select the best course of action.

Data Sanitation / Destruction

Our DoD-compliant process eliminates the risk of data reconstruction and retrieval from hard drive media in your server and storage devices. Our services include the erasure of data and the physical destruction of obsolete hardware. We will provide you with certificates of erasure or destruction with complete report of all equipment destroyed.

Recycling Services

Dedicated to environmentally friendly recycling solutions and procedures, all of our recycling partners must be e-stewards and ISO certified and meet or exceed EPA standards.  We will provide asset tracking with a complete list of audits and agreements showing that Clean and Sustainable Disposal Practices and Total EPA Compliancy are utilized.

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Do you have unused or outdated IT equipment and you want know the worth? Let us help.