Break /Fix Support

With new technologies emerging, companies are making changes to their infrastructure at a rapid pace. This puts a strain on the company’s hardware, software and the network capabilities. This will inevitably cause something to give way and break.  Traditionally, Break /Fix Services are referred to as “Time and Materials” or “Reactive” relationships where the client contacts the vendor when they suspect (or know) that their equipment is not working. When this happens, it is important to understand that your company has affordable options to handle the situation.

break Fix

Changing reactive to proactive

We understand that not all companies have the ability to avoid such circumstances. Our view on Break /Fix is to solve the issue the right way and quickly. After the issue is corrected, delve into the reason it occurred and provide a complete solution to avoid such issues from happening again. We want to change your IT environment from reactive to proactive, in an affordable way, that is quick and reliable. Our main focus is to gain and maintain our customers’ trust by putting their interests above our own.

Gain a stable environment quickly with guaranteed response times.

Benefit from the latest network management and automation systems.

Have peace of mind that your hardware, software and network are working harmoniously.

Onsite / Offsite Support

Let us be your IT Department! Our team works with your company to provide a package for monitoring your systems along with onsite and remote engineering services to drive your technology. Let us work harder and smarter to ensure that your network remains 100% stable.


Our highly trained staff will provide quality infrastructure assessments and planning, staging and configuration, integration and implementation.

Manage Services

Managed Services is a way for your business to eliminate critical issues before they occur, implement new services, manage IT budgets more effectively, and create a partnership with an IT practice that is protecting your most important assets.

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If you need IT Support or Services, we are able to support all your hardware, applications and network.