Why Now is the Time to Embrace Outsourced Managed IT Services

Critical IT services are crucial to your core business. When there’s a breakdown, you lose your computers, networks, and servers which translates to downtime and loss of productivity—something businesses can’t afford to happen and a standard in-house team cannot handle. A fast response is a necessary part of keeping your business running smoothly. However, having an in-house IT member staff isn’t an option for every business. So, what can you do?

Outsourcing your managed IT with on-site support and disaster recovery services is the answer—and the costs are nothing like what you may think. This allows everyone within your small or medium-sized business the opportunity to focus on their important duties and lets trained IT professionals handle any glitches when and if they occur. A managed IT service provider (MSP) helps you avoid those glitches in the first place by creating a plan—something that can save you thousands of dollars.

Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?


Technology continues to evolve and improve with amazing new advancements like cloud computing. This means your staff has the ability to develop improve the infrastructure and benefit from new ways of doing business—ways that will improve your efficiency and your bottom line and just make your business better. The more innovations there are in doing business the better, but this puts a strain on the IT managers—if you have them on staff—or it makes it more difficult to maintain your IT services on your own.

With each added channel people have to conduct business in the more difficult it becomes to oversee all of the channels. Issues are bound to occur and any breakdown means a significant loss of time—eliminating all of the benefits and improvements you’ve enjoyed.

Instead of leaving your IT services to chance or having a staff on standby just in case something occurs, you can hire a managed IT services provider. If you’re struggling to coordinate your IT systems and communications and you’re losing instead of gaining efficiency because of your IT systems, now is the time to outsource your managed IT services.

Statistics show less than two-thirds of companies who call their technology advanced use a managed service provider. If you’re among the third or more that struggles to keep IT management cohesive and consistent, we can help.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Switching to Managed IT Services?


  • Efficiency: It’s easier and faster to turn to a single source for IT management
  • Security and compliance: It’s a challenge to keep data management safe and within the parameters of the law if there are 10 different systems in place
  • Saving money: Investing in managed IT services offers a good return on investment and helps you protect your bottom line

However, with all the benefits managed IT services offers, how do you go about choosing the right service provider? You need to invest in finding the perfect MSP for your business.

What defines the best option varies from company to company. You first need to consider your needs and the experience managed service providers have. For instance, you might need a company familiar with managing cloud data, phone systems, and file storage. Or you might have additional needs or need to focus more on one priority over another. You’re looking for a good fit, which varies from business to business, so do not assume “the best” option is automatically the best for you.

It’s also important to consider your geographic location. Working with a company in the local area has many advantages, so if you can find someone nearby it can save you frustration in the long-run. A fast response time is essential and working with a company nearby might be the only way to guarantee this happens.

Questions to Help You Choose a Managed IT Provider


Once you have a general idea what you need in a managed IT services provider, you can focus on what each provider offers. Here are several questions you can ask to determine if an MSP is right for you:

  • You’re looking for a partner that can support your business goals. Will the potential provider be able to do that now and further in the future?
  • It takes time to establish trust with a new partner, but do you see that happening with a specific provider faster than another? Do the potential providers have the appropriate expertise and ability to provide the maintenance and support your business needs?
  • Can a potential provider become an extension of our current IT organization and/or your business as a whole?
  • What’s in a potential provider’s portfolio? Do you believe their experience aligns with your business needs?
  • What’s used by the MSP to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur? Consider their applications, diagnostic checks, and analytic tools.
  • Will you be working with a single contact that can call on the right experts to resolve your problem?
  • Do you feel they really understand the solutions you need to run efficiently and effectively?

There might be additional questions you have for a potential managed services provider and that’s fine. This list is a great jumping off point that can spark ideas and help you better evaluate your options.

Finding a Good Match


The key to achieving your goals as an efficient and secure business is to evaluate your resource constraints and demands and find a managed services provider that can handle these issues. You want someone who understands the marketplace and appreciates how complex the systems are in use today. If you’re like most businesses, you use a collection of varied resources from all ages and different manufacturers, so you need to work with someone who doesn’t necessarily specialize too much and can handle you, as opposed to handling a specific issue or piece of equipment.

The best managed services providers offer solutions that cover the entire communications environment. You’re looking for a combination of experience, diversity, and services that coordinate with your business’s specific needs.

If you’d like to know more about how Anova IT can help you or you’re searching for a managed IT services provider and we’re on your list of options, call or email us, or fill out the contact form to get in touch and discuss your needs.

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