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Batten Down the Hatches! 6 Items for Security in 2017

As each year passes cyber threats continue to increase with hackers becoming more creative on their plan of attack. Businesses who do not have adequate security measures in place are putting their most sensitive information at risk.

Wondering what your largest risk could be? Tech Republic has talked to security experts and compiled the year’s seven biggest security trends that will impact enterprise and small business (for the complete article visit Hold your hats because the list requires action for you and your business.


  1. Cyber-offense and cyber-defense capacities will increase– We will see an increased rate of sharing of cyber capabilities between the commercial and government spaces.
  1. Ransomware and extortion will increaseThe days of single-target ransomware will soon be a thing of the past. Next-generation ransomware paints a pretty dark picture as the self-propagating worms of the past, such as Conficker, Nimda, and Code Red, will return to prominence—but this time they will carry ransomware payloads capable of infecting hundreds of machines in an incredibly short timespan.
  1. Industrial IoT hacks will increaseIoT security threats have been talked about, but not really worried about by most because a serious incident had yet to occur. With the 2016 DDoS attack on Dyn, and the ripple effect it created, we will see more scrutiny on security within the IoT marketplace.
  1. Internal threats will increaseAs organizations adopt more effective strategies to defeat malware, attackers will shift their approach and start to use legitimate credentials and software – think physical insiders, credential theft, man-in-the-app. The increased targeting of social media and personal email bypasses many network defenses, like email scans and URL filters.
  1. Business security spending will increaseSecurity is part of every business and IT discussion these days and it will only become more intense in 2017. We see an increase in the demand for video for surveillance, both for government and private businesses. This issue includes physical security—securing the building, people, and assets—as well as network and data security
  1. Security will no longer be an afterthought2017 will be a critical year for security, starting with how it’s built into technology. DevOps and security will change the way they work together as they realize the need to integrate with each other in order to survive.

Maintaining IT compliancy goes hand in hand with overall security measures. There are many rules and regulations that a business must follow in order to remain compliant and for a small business with a small IT staff this can be quite the overwhelming task to stay on top of.  This is where bringing on board an managed services provider can be extremely beneficial.  Along with providing you the infrastructure for security solutions you have a partner who knows all of the most current regulations and can keep your business protected and running efficiently.