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Avert Disaster with a Solid IT Recovery Plan

We all know the frustration we feel when our technology fails us, perhaps our PC or laptop freezes up or our phone won’t turn on. Now imagine this on a much larger scale, your company’s network. All that data, lost time for employee work and missed opportunities are at stake. Service interrupting events can happen at any time.  Companies must plan for everything whether a small outage or in  severe cases having to deal with a natural disaster.

A solid disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is crucial to protecting your company’s future in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency that causes extended downtime. By bringing on a managed services provider you are acquiring an expert who can create and implement this recovery plan. has put together an overview of the top line items that are important in creating an IT disaster recovery plan (to review the complete article visit,

Start the process by compiling an inventory of hardware (e.g. servers, desktops, laptops and wireless devices), software applications and data. The plan should include a strategy to ensure that all critical information is backed up.

Document the IT disaster recovery plan as part of the business continuity plan. Test the plan periodically to make sure that it works.

Data backup and recovery should be an integral part of the business continuity plan and information technology disaster recovery plan. Developing a data backup strategy begins with identifying what data to backup, selecting and implementing hardware and software backup procedures, scheduling and conducting backups and periodically validating that data has been accurately backed up.