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The BIG Picture

Juggling is common for today’s employees. Not the circus variety of throwing flame in the air but teams today juggle multiple projects, cross functional teams and infrastructure. In many small and medium companies, keeping your teams focused on the big picture for the company is a priority.

Staying focused on the big picture is simpler with a managed services partner who can work alongside the IT department, keep up with demand and stay focused on the long term goals.

Managed services providers bring to the table exceptionally trained staff that can work closely with the internal IT team to develop a strategy to align business, internal processes, and employees.  This affords the IT team the opportunity to concentrate on the company’s strategic tasks and goals rather than micro-managing every aspect of it.

Here are four practices from the Harvard Business Review on how to maintain your company’s focus. Because no one knows your business and strategy better than your staff that are working the “front lines” each day (for the complete article visit the Harvard Business Review online).

1) Reach directly down into the organization. The deep concerns of top front-line employees are the best source of raw, current information on customers and often foretell the advent of troubles.

2) Constantly translate your strategy decisions into front-line routines and behaviors. The job seems obvious. The problem is that as a successful company grows and professionalizes, it adds functions, and each new function comes with a new leader and a new staff determined to improve that function, which creates disparate agendas that can quickly cause a company to lose focus.

3) Identify the key players in your organization and ensure that they are valued as company heroes. Ultimately, your most important employees are the ones who do whatever it takes at the front lines to make sure your customers are well served. They also are the natural leaders, no matter what level, whom others in the organization look to for guidance or role modeling. So consider the following questions: Do you know who these employees are in your company? Do you have a way of regularly identifying and celebrating them? When was the last time you overrode your human-resources systems to reward them? 

4) Give your heroes the authority and resources they need to serve customers better. One of the great front-line obsessives of all time was M.S. Oberoi, founder of the Oberoi Group, a leading luxury-hotel company. CEO Vikram Oberoi told us how he would find his grandfather, even in his 90s and with failing eyesight, scrutinizing customer comment cards one-by-one on Sunday mornings. At any Oberoi hotel, employees on the front line are individually responsible for directly creating value for the customer—and are empowered to do so both administratively and financially.