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5 Emerging Trends in IT Security

As cyber attacks and data breaches continue to increase at a dizzying pace, let’s look at five areas in IT that need to be a focus for any business that wants to prevent malicious threats.

  1. Attacks in the Cloud – As the transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to cloud services  continues to gain adoption, so does the emergence of attacks targeting endpoints and mobile devices to gain access to corporate clouds. Strong password and cloud data access policies are paramount to protect your data.
  2. Targeted Malware – Malware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they target various geographic and economic regions. Business and consumer users are both vulnerable to specialized attacks in relation to varying degrees of cyber-defense levels.
  3. Mobile Security – While mobile apps make both our personal and business lives easier, they also lead to increased security attacks through social engineering and data exfiltration attempts. Access controls are crucial to protect yourself and your business.
  4. Windows XP – While security for this operating system has greatly improved, “end-of-life” attacks will become a huge target for hackers. End user education gives employees the knowledge they need to distinguish between malicious and benign features.
  5. Your Core Infrastructure – From government to business, recent attacks have shown that core infrastructures are not as secure as once thought. “Backdoor” attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent. Ensure you have the resources on staff to investigate the threat level of these types of attacks.

Ensure your organization is safeguarded with a fully vetted IT security policy and educate end users on the potential threat of a breach. You’re only as safe as the procedures you have in place.