Increase equity with managed servcies

Keep Your Eye on the Money

To kick off our series on the immediate benefits you and your business can experience by bringing on board a managed IT services provider, let’s start with what we are guessing is your top priority: MONEY.  But most importantly, how to efficiently manage your financial resources when it comes to IT requirements.

Take a quick read of the recent research completed by CompTIA cited on the CIO Insight website and you’ll see that 93% of businesses surveyed stated their managed services agreement either met or exceeded their cost-saving expectations. We have a few thoughts on why.

Small to medium businesses with a handful of IT staff are usually spread thin – expecting a lot of output with minimum support. From managing day-to-day operations and help desk issues (my desktop won’t open!) to your overall IT strategic initiatives, it can be overwhelming.  This is where the collaborative relationship of a company’s existing IT department and a  IT managed services provider can begin.

Managed services providers bring to the table exceptionally trained staff that can work closely with the internal IT team to develop a strategy to align business, internal processes, and employees.  Not only are your current internal staff more productive but we would guess they are happier too. By utilizing IT support providers, businesses can experience a reduction in operating costs as well as seeing their IT infrastructure perform more efficiently.  When this happens companies see less overall expenditures going out the door which becomes a financial win. Along with this financial positive outcome, their internal IT department is now afforded the opportunity to focus their time on the company’s strategic tasks and goals.