Managed Services Post - Collaboration

Are you expecting too much of your IT team?

Today’s ever-changing technology landscape requires a transformative team. As a small business, you can’t hire and fire people based on the changes within software or server platforms.

In a 2016 survey conducted by Clutch research firm of over 400 small businesses, 69% of small to medium businesses hire at least one type of IT service provider. While large companies have the resources to have dedicated IT staff,  small to medium businesses may only be in a position to have a staff of one to five.  With their time and financial resources being limited, the perfect fit for these companies can be hiring a managed services provider.

Managed services providers bring to the table exceptionally trained staff that can work closely with the internal IT team to develop a strategy to align business, internal processes, and employees. By utilizing these providers, these businesses can experience a reduction in operating costs as well as seeing their IT infrastructure perform more efficiently.

This collaborative relationship will enable them to free up their internal IT department from handling the day to day operations that they can become buried in and concentrate on the company’s strategic tasks and goals.

Stay tuned in the upcoming months as we will delve further into the immediate benefits businesses can experience by bringing on board a managed services provider. These benefits will include:

  • Reduce Capital Outlay
  • Trained, Qualified and Certified Staff
  • Maintain Focus on the Core Business
  • Decrease Risk
  • Increased Security
  • Remain Compliant
  • Disaster Recovery