Asset Dispositions and Remarketing Programs

Generating Revenue from Your Existing IT Investments with Asset Disposition

Year-end means crunch time when it comes to meeting your organization’s revenue goals. And while generating new business is your main focus, a comprehensive Asset Disposition and Hardware Remarketing program can help you generate revenue from your existing IT infrastructure.

How? Ask your IT consultant about Asset Disposition, the potential to trade-in, buy back and consignment opportunities that let you sell your overstocked, underutilized or outdated hardware. Some tips when looking for a reputable IT service company include:

  1. Look for a company that offers a variety of OEM brand names to find the right customized solution for your company. Hardware is not “one size fits all.” An IT service company that offers a broad selection of equipment means avoiding vendor lock-in while providing greater flexibility.
  2. Look for a full-service solution. EOY means you focus on your core business. Let your consultant handle the pick-up, delivery, installation and de-installation of your equipment so you can focus on the bottom line.
  3. You can also improve productivity and, ultimately, revenue by purchasing the right hardware to optimize your infrastructure. Make sure the company you select provides a detailed assessment of your current IT infrastructure so you can make an informed decision on what solution will improve overall business performance.


Following these tips can help you vet the companies that simply haul off your old equipment and those that partner with you for long-term success.