Data Destruction and Disposal

The Ethics of Your Hardware Disposal – The e-waste epidemic

Within your IT infrastructure, you probably have quite a few assets that you’re underutilizing. The question then becomes, “Do I remarket the hardware for the greatest ROI, recycle my equipment or simply dump obsolete technology?

While the answer seems simple, “I am a good corporate citizen so I should remarket or recycle my outdated hardware,”do you know where you technology goes if you do sell it off? Remarketing services come in all shapes and sizes. And if you don’t do your due diligence, you can be held liable for what happens to your equipment.

Remarketing services that simply pick up your hardware, cut a check and provide no documentation of how your assets will be remarketed or disposed of aren’t doing you any favors or saving you money in the long haul. It’s your serial numbers and information on that hardware that is often shipped to third world countries.

In essence, you are contributing to e-waste and dumping outdated technology in countries that can’t protect themselves from your trash. Health concerns due to the toxin levels associated with various hardware are affecting the people that salvage these sites to make what essentially adds up to pennies.

Do your research and don’t contribute to the growing e-waste problem. Find a technology partner that properly remarkets your old assets or follows environmental guidelines to recycle them. A price tag can’t be put on your peace of mind.