Smarter IT…It’s Virtual

As certified technology experts, we spend a lot of time talking to executives about how to make their businesses smarter, more agile and of course, more profitable. Virtualization offers many of the benefits they are looking for, but in many cases, we encounter reluctance to technology changes. Reluctance not only because of the time and money investment, but mostly due to the misunderstanding of the technology and the rapid pace of change. Many of our clients ask us a relevant question… “how do we know the infrastructure we are investing in today will be here tomorrow?”


Smart people in technology developed a way to do just that… Welcome to the Rise of the Modern Platform – it’s virtual. Although server virtualization has been around for more than ten years it is seeing a rapid increase in adoption over the past two years. Projections by the Horizon Watching Trend Report believe that virtualization will account for 73% of workloads in 2014.  Why the sudden uptake you ask? Virtualization’s scalability, agility and efficiency are difficult to attain in a physical world. Here are some other benefits companies find with virtualization…


  • Enable flexibility with equipment and vendors…by offering a platform that enables several operating systems and applications to run simultaneously, you can utilize a higher percentage of the server’s capacity and leverage the right vendors and equipment when necessary.
  • Save energy and of course the planet…without hosting tens or hundreds of physical servers, you understandably save on energy. Your money can be spent on other notables rather than cooling your data center or taking up electrical juice with running all of your equipment.
  • Leverage uptime and server optimization…by offering the ability to seamlessly move a virtual machine among servers, technology professionals can maximize uptime as well as recover from unplanned issues.
  • Did we mention budget? Ahhh, the age old question…”will this platform save me time and money?” Yes. By transferring your data center to a virtual server environment, your IT department can utilize their purchasing budgets for future innovation, rather than costly server maintenance.


With the influx of IT professionals focused on future innovation rather than maintenance and server migration, imagine where the brainpower could go…

What are you doing to maximize your efficiency and agility?  At AnovaIT, we believe that Virtualization solves many of the problems of today’s traditional data centers. Our trained professionals can help by understanding your goals and develop a Virtualization strategy to help you get there.