Preparing for a BYOD workplace

Managing an ever changing, ever increasing workforce is not an easy task for even the most skilled IT professional and team. Add the multiple devices, platforms and locations of offices and workers triple the complexity and management of your infrastructure and data. Many companies today are looking to a BYOD (Bring your own device) solution, where employees bring non-company IT into the organization and connect to everything.  In fact, in a recent Cisco survey, it is estimated that over 71 million BYOD devices are in use in the U.S.  With numbers like these, the trend sounds like it is here to stay. But, to implement BYOD effectively, companies should consider potential pitfalls and benefits.


1. Review Employee Needs and Locations.  First, consider the evolving technology needs of your organization and ensure that all systems, wireless networks and maintenance support has been identified up front. It helps to consider locations of employees and whether a BYOD policy can be consistent for all employees or if you must segment your BYOD policy by location. Some organizations working with a global team that is spread among multiple countries and multiple offices, as well as work from home situations might require varying policies for each country.

2. Establish a Strong BYOD policy. When looking at BYOD across your organization, it will be important to establish a policy prior to rolling out the BYOD program to employees. And, to create a strong BYOD policy, you must consider how you will handle confidentiality issues on multiple devices, ownership of data, level or control for network and data, as well as compliance with laws.

3. Find a good IT partner. The evolving nature of IT creates challenges that even the most seasoned companies need help with. For BYOD initiatives, finding the right partner can help with infrastructure, wireless network implementation, management and ongoing support. And, the right partners can help with flexible service plans to maximize your budget and help maintain costs and longevity of your BYOD programs.

At AnovaIT, we develop and implement custom wireless solutions to help companies implement BYOD initiatives and ensure compliance and confidentiality. Contact us today for our engineers to conduct a wireless assessment and determine a solution that is right for you.