Monitoring tools for IT Professionals

7 Open Source Monitoring Tools You Can Use

There are an abundance of open source network and system monitoring tools out there for you to try out, so we compiled a list of the best for your consideration. From providing trending and analysis to alarms and notifications, the functionality is extensive.

  • Cacti – A performance graphing and trending tool with an impressive user interface, you can monitor virtually anything within your infrastructure.
  • Nagios – Considered the “old guard” of monitoring tools, Nagios tracking capability is impressive even if the user interface takes some time to learn.
  • Icinga – Provides a monitoring and alerting framework that offers several different Web UI options, enabling you to select how you want to view the information.
  • NeDi – Not as well known, it’s a good solution for tracking devices across a network. It’s useful for locating stolen or missing devices.
  • Observium – This system combines system and network monitoring with performance trending. A graphically-rich user interface shows device location on a map.
  • Zabbix – With an extensive array of tools, Zabbix monitors servers and networks with comprehensive alerting and notification functionality.
  • Ntop – This solution provides a slick Web UI that provides instant data on network flow through an advanced live graphing function.

Whatever the tools you use, monitoring your devices and overall infrastructure should always be top of mind.