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12 Questions to Ask

About Your SMB IT Performance

Small businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Yet, many small business owners are unaware of whether or not they are getting all they could be out of their current technology structure.




Q: Does your technology contribute to your business efficiency?

A: Your IT infrastructure should be an asset to your business operating efficiently, not a hindrance. Are you spending more time than you should be fixing the technology itself? Are you limited by what type of work you can do on your computer? Are you conducting many business processes outside of your technical infrastructure?


Q: Do you find out immediately if your backup fails?

A: Are you absolutely sure that your data backups are all complete and able to be utilized in the event of a disaster? If your data backup fails, when do you find out? Many companies don’t find out until they actually need their backups that something has gone wrong. So, what notification process do you currently have in place for when a data backup does fail? Make sure that you have the answers to these questions before you need to restore your backups and find out that you can’t.

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